Math Tutoring

Learning math in a busy classroom can be very difficult if not impossible for some students. Given the right environment and personalized instruction, everyone can learn math and become a successful math student. Dr. Barany provides personalized math instruction that works with your student’s learning style. Using software, models, and web- based systems Dr. Barany’s students build a strong mathematical foundation to develop confidence and competence.

Math tutoring the struggling student:

Tutoring services start with an assessment of current skills and understanding  which provide information regarding gaps or weaknesses. Together we work to bring students up to speed and turn weakness into strengths. This includes:

  • Homework help
  • Test preparation for classes and college entrance exams
  • Remediation of lost or forgotten ideas
  • Effective use of assistive technology

Math tutoring for the achieving students:

High School math classes can sometime become very routine and mundane. Together we explore the world of mathematics beyond the four walls of the classroom. Working together your student will use technology to explore new mathematical ideas such as, delving into classical Euclidean geometry, exploring 3-D space, building mathematical models in probability or moving ahead to qualify for higher math classes.

Math classes supported

6th 7th, & 8th grade math
Algebra 1 (Algebra 1- 2 in PPS)
Algebra 2 (Algebra 3-4 in PPS)
AP and IB Pre-Calculus
AP and IB Calculus
AP and IB Statistics and Probability
IB SL Math Studies
IB HL Math Studies