College Planning

College is one of the first adult decisions high school students make in their lives. The decision regarding where to apply and ultimately attend is complicated and requires students to consider many factors in order to make thoughtful decisions. Enabling and teaching students to make this major life decision is one outcome of our work together.

Thoughtful planning allows students to focus on their strengths in order to find colleges or university programs where they can succeed and thrive. Using an individualized approach, Dr Barany guides students and their parents through a step-by-step approach during the college application process.

College Planning Timeline


  • Plan high school course work to challenge and develop a variety of interests
  • Build a foundation of study habits and strategies for academic success
  • Participate in extracurricular activities to develop passions
  • Plan for summers including volunteering, internships, enrichment, summer jobs


  • Plan high school course work to challenge and develop a variety of interests as well as meet college requirements
  • SAT, SAT Subject and ACT prep
  • Develop a list of possible colleges
  • College Visitations – Make summer plans to explore meaningful & enriching interests
  • Discuss Financial Expectations – Understanding financial aid


  • Build a college list of ‘best fit’ schools
  • Plan college visits
  • Draft college essays


  • Finalize college application list
  • Create a time line and action plan
  • Scholarship search
  • Develop an organized plan for meeting application deadlines
  • Write a personal resume for letters of recommendation
  • Finalize essays and supplements