Dr. Barany

About Dr. Barany

Dr. Barany brings a unique perspective to working with teens and young adults by helping them to develop executive functioning and metacognitive skills. Through a deeper understanding of their learning process and styles, Dr. Barany’s students develop strategies for academic success in any setting, be it middle school, high school or college.

Dr Barany’s love of math and affinity for psychological science are the framework behind the individualized and innovative instruction she provides all of her students. In addition to her mathematics training, Debby specializes in helping teens and young adults navigate pivotal academic transitions. She works as a trained executive function coach. She facilitates teens and young adults with learning differences transition from high school to college.

Dr. Barany has over twenty years of experience working with students of all ages from middle school to graduate school as a teacher and mentor. She earned a Masters degree in Teacher Education from the University of California, Los Angeles and completed her doctorate in Adolescent Cognitive Development at Stanford University School of Education. She specializes in working with students who struggle with executive functioning, dyscalculia and other learning disabilities. Her practice focuses on supporting high school and college students learn to persist and persevere in order to achieve their long term academic goals.